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Tantra vol II, The Hidden Mysteries - Pema Gitama

Tantra vol II, The Hidden Mysteries

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Tantra vol II, The Hidden Mysteries - Pema Gitama

 Pema Gitama has inspired me a lot since the first time I was in her room in 2010. She has guided me on my path into trusting myself again. From there I did not need to trust other people anymore, what I had been looking for ever since. Tantra at Wild Tantra is precious, authentic and right to the core. Gitama has gone through everything she teaches herself. I believe this is why it is so easy to be in her trainingroom. 

This book is the follow-up to Tantra Vol. I, The Whispering Transmission (2010), where in the form of a story Gitama shares her Tantric experiences and her meeting with Leela, a Master of a mysterious Tantric School in India. The journey continues in this book, this time following the current of an Indian river upstream to its source in Tibet. Along the banks of this river various Masters from different Tantra lineages share their wisdom and offer unpredictable challenges, situations and precious Tantra practices.

The book contains three parts:

. The vibrant story of meetings with Masters from different Tantra lineages
. An illustrated guide of Tantric meditations
. Pictures, artwork, surprises and love…
The book is illustrated with the delicate pictures of Arjun Roodink, and is gifted with the precious calligraphy Artworks of Tashi Mannox and the spirit paintings of Alina Tiumeneva.

ISBN Number: 978-2-9545846-4-5

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