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Sudha - In Her Name

Sudha - In Her Name

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Sudha - In Her Name 

Sudha's last cd, created in 2014. 

Playing together with Ravi, Praful and others.

Following the success of her best-seller Sharanam, Sudha offers a new captivating album of sacred chants, dedicated to the embodiment of the divine feminine.
In this album her pristine vocals can be heard soaring through the seven tracks tastefully produced in cooperation with German fusion/world musician Praful.
All tracks are featuring chants from different cultures of the world - with a predominance of India. An abundance of acoustic instruments like spanish guitar, bamboo flute, piano and tabla as well as ethereal ambient sounds warmly complement the heartfelt and refined vocal performance. Total time 60:47

01 Kuan Yin

02 Om Parama

03 Gopala (Devaki)

04 Shante Prashante

05 Saraswati

06 Om Tara

07 Oshun


To listen to some samples, please click here and scroll down on the page.

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