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RAW vegan Basil Pesto Genovese

RAW vegan Basil Pesto Genovese

Raw Vegan Basil Pesto - Seggiano

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Raw vegan Basil Pesto - Seggiano

 Deze Veganistische rauwe pesto is de lekkerste die ik ken! Heel zuivere zalige smaak en alle ingrediënten nog in haar puurste vorm. Een zalige aanrader!


olive oil, cashew nuts, fresh Ligurian basil (30%), sea salt, pine nuts.
200g / 1kg / 4kg

Seggiano pesto is made from an original Ligurian basil. Using modern organic farming methods, the earth is steam treated before seeding the basil. This eliminates any pests or weeds. Once the basil plants are mature, the tender top leaves are hand- picked and washed. Finely chopped, they are put in olive oil within a matter of hours to best preserve their fresh and intense powerful aromatic flavours.

Unpasteurised, this raw pesto maintains the pungent intensity of fresh basil.
For pasta dishes, first drain any excess olive oil and toss the fresh basil pesto, unheated, into piping hot pasta. Add finely grated parmesan cheese. This pesto is also delicious in sandwiches and can be used as a salsa verde.

We think that this is by far the best pesto on the shelves. The inspired producers, who have their own Ligurian basil fields rather than buying from others, have perfected a process using steam treatment of the soil before seeding the basil. This eliminates the need for herbicides or pesticides. Their studied production method results in a pesto which is raw and unpasteurised, thus conserving the subtly delicious and refreshing basil aroma and flavour.

This is how they do it:

"Thanks to its particular mild climate, abundant sunshine and sea breezes, the entire region of Liguria proves to be ideal for basil farming. The year starts in May with the land being fertilised using natural fertiliser which is worked into the soil by machines.

The next stage is the mechanical disinfecting of the soil using steam. In special boilers, water is taken to the temperature at which ‘dry steam’ is produced. Via tubes laid on the soil and covered with special material, the land is steamed for approximately 3 hours which kills potential pests and blights, removing the necessity to use pesticides. In June the seed beds are prepared so that the soil is light and soft . The seeds are then sown in parallel rows at a width which will later permit the basil to be gathered by hand.

Daily watering is regulated by a computer. Spring water is used, which is an essential ingredient to ensure the best possible basil crop. The plants are protected from disease by the warm and breezy Ligurian climate. After 30 days, the basil is harvested carefully by hand. Only the tender top leaves of the plant are picked, those richest in the fragrant aroma and flavour which characterise our excellent pesto Genovese. The quality of basil depends very much on the region in which it is grown and we have found Genovese basil to be the finest available. Truly this is the king of herbs.

Once it is gathered, the basil is immediately taken to our nearby factory. First it is washed, using a whirlpool system of clean water which is constantly regulated taking into account the delicacy of the basil leaves. The washed and disinfected basil is then spun in a drying machine. At this stage, the flavour and appearance of the basil is still unchanged thanks to its delicate handling. The basil is then finely chopped in special mincers. Salt and oil is added, together with an additional layer of oil on the surface which guarantees natural conservation. It is then stored in refrigerated cells at a constant temperature of 2° centigrade, before mixing with other ingredients to make pesto."


200 gram in glazen pot. Na opening 1 maand houdbaar in de koelkast.

Ongepasteuriseerd, 100% rauw.

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