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Avocado Extra Virgen Oil

Avocado Extra Virgen Oil

Avocado Extra Virgen Oil

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Avocado Extra Virgen Oil

Deze koudgeperste ongefilterde olie is rijk aan omega 3-6-9 en zit bomvol allerlei vitamines en mineralen. Hieronder lees je daar meer over. De smaak is zacht, smeuïg en overheerlijk. Echt een toevoeging aan mijn keuken.


Avocado Oil

At an altitude of 1900 meters above the sea level, Uyama Farms plantations, warmed up by the shining Equatorial sun, are irrigated by 7 natural springs.

The combination of these factors makes this land the perfect environment for the production of the best quality avocados. Thanks to the eternal Equatorial spring, these delicious, nutrutious fruits are selected and handpicked at the exact point of ripeness, every day of the year.

Amalgamating the methods followed through the centuries by Mediterranean producers of oil, and cold extraction methodology, we obtain our Extra Virgin Oil from the pulp of avocados.

The Extraction Process

After washing the carefully selected avocados, seeds and rinds are thrown away. Using cold extraction technology, extra virgin oil is obtained by centrifugation at a maximum temperature of 35 degrees celsius.

This process ensures the quality of the oil which, by not being subjected to high temperatures, maintains all its nutrients, aroma and almond-like flavor.

Nutritional Information

Mira extra virgin avocado oil does not undergo chemical processes, contains no preservatives or artificial colors and is sodium free.

With a chemical composition similar to olive oil, it has higher levels of vitamin C, lutein, carnitine, beta-sytosterol, chlorophyll and oleic acid (the most important monounsaturated fatty acid that helps the absportion of omega-3 in to the cell membrane, thus reducing DLD oxidation and decreasing the risk of cardio vascular disease).

Avocado oil is rich in vitamin D (which helps the human body to absorb calcium and phosphorus), vitamin E, Squalene and Glutathione (the most powerful antioxidants), it also contains mineral salts such as potassium (the content of potassium in avocado oil is higher than that of bananas), magnesium and iron.

Furthermore, avocado oil contains folic acid, specially recommended for pregnant women. It helps prevent anemia, osteoporosis, and most importantly, it reduces bad cholesterol and prevents prostate cancer.


250 ml in glazen fles


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